Киевский Клуб Спортивного Бриджа

Бридж – это либо страшная болезнь, либо ... вирус, заброшенный к нам на Землю инопланетным разумом, с помощью которого они нас изучают ...
П. Портной, Н. Женова
Open letter to the Bridge Community 
Kind attention: 
Mr.Rona, President of WBF 
Mr.Kamras, President of EBL 
Dear Sirs, 
     I regret to inform you that maniac in kremlin started anti-civil war in Ukraine. Civilized World, unfortunately Board of Bridge Community was absolutely tolerant to his activity starting from 2008, when he received opportunity to occupy Georgia, proceeding in 2014 with Crimea and Donbass, the Eastern part of Ukraine. 
     You should be ashamed not to suspend membership of russian federation during all this time! Please wake up and express your attitude, otherwise you are also war criminals! Bridge is the way of uniting people all over the World! We ought to resist terrorist No.1 in the World! 
     I hope you will never be in ostrich position! Remember 1938, Hitler invasion in Czech Republic and his agreement with soviet empire to occupy Poland in 1939 – that led to WW-II!!! 
Do you need WW-III???  
Kind regards, Oleg Rovyshyn