Киевский Клуб Спортивного Бриджа

Бридж – это либо страшная болезнь, либо ... вирус, заброшенный к нам на Землю инопланетным разумом, с помощью которого они нас изучают ...
П. Портной, Н. Женова
Dear President Mr. Nieskoromnyi
     Thank you for today's letter.
     The invasion by putin's military onto your sovereign soil is a horrific and unprovoked action. As I said in my letter to you the other day, the whole bridge community stands behind the Ukrainian people.
     The EBL will find some ways of assisting the Ukrainian bridge community with some tangible support. The EBL coordinates closely with the WBF to take a unified approach to what "political" measures can be taken. The WBF Management Committee will hold a meeting on Wednesday afternoon to decide what actions to be taken.
     I will of course inform you of the results immediately after the meeting.
     I hope you stay safe among your very brave countrymen and women. The whole world is in awe over how you are fighting putin's brutal war machine and, frankly, I think he is as well.
Very best regards
Jan Kamras
EBL President