Киевский Клуб Спортивного Бриджа

Бридж – это либо страшная болезнь, либо ... вирус, заброшенный к нам на Землю инопланетным разумом, с помощью которого они нас изучают ...
П. Портной, Н. Женова
Dear Mr Rovyshyn.
     I have bin in contact with the big guys. The Swedish Bridge -federation said that they would like to help and were very positive.They also said today that they recommended all Swedish Bridge Clubs no to allow Russian or Belarus Bridge players to play Bridge here. It’s just a recommendation.
     For sure we can so something positive. I know what is happening right now in Ukraine which is terrible.
     We keep in touch and discuss later of what to do. I realize it’s a war going on.
God bless Ukraine
With kind regards 
Frederic Wrang